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Ferrari’s 2020 Car Could Have An Aero Flaw

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Ferrari’s 2020 Car Could Have An Aero Flaw

As the F1 2020 season is about to start, more thundering about the issue with Ferrari’s 2020 car is shaping the news. You may remember how Scuderia showed up at pre-season testing last year with the SF90 immediately stunning the Formula 1 network. But we all know how the Italian team struggled all through 2019 and with news about the new car having a serious aero flaw, it seems like the unfortunate days of the Ferrari F1 team are not yet over.

According to January F1 reports by columnists and an insider of Ferrari, Leo Turrini; Ferrari’s 2020 F1 car‘s simulator and wind tunnel “has not dazzled the specialists.”

However, the situation told from the Italian F1 team platform is completely different. Ferrari has revealed its latest Formula 1 car for the 2020 grand Prix season in a star-studded event in at the Romolo Valli theatre in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Named after the Italian manufacturer’s 1000th race in the championship, SF1000 is the new prancing horse.

Where news is hot of Ferrari new car not having the right level of aerodynamics, the team principal Mattia Binotto says that the SF1000 is created “trying to look for maximum aero performance and maximize the downforce level”.

The team’s young star Leclerc also established that Ferrari’s 2020 machine has achieved the team’s quantified goal of being more of a match for its opponents in the corners for the year 2020.

The Issues Reported With Ferrari’s 2020 Car And Pre-Season Testing

The early test results for Ferrari machine were said to be worse than what was expected. According to the sources from Germany’s Auto Bild, the car’s wind tunnel is really “more regrettable” than is being accounted for in the reports.

Journalists Ralf Bach and Bianca Garloff also reported: “The vehicle could have a genuine issue in the streamlined features, which neither the test system experts nor the wind tunnel engineers could unravel.

According to the sources, the issue could be that Ferrari has gone the Red Bull course with a lofty rake edge at the base of the vehicle. Further clarified by previous F1 originator Gary Anderson that “It helps you in a few regions, but in any case, if only one seemingly insignificant detail isn’t right, there is a chain response from the front wing. At that point, you have a significant issue that isn’t anything but difficult to solve.”

And speaking of the car design, another tricky issue for Ferrari is that the Italian manufacturer has lost the fight with competing teams and the FIA over the questionable legitimacy of its 2019 engine.

The good Ferrari car news, however for both the fans and the F1 team is that the 2020 Ferrari car has passed all compulsory FIA crash tests.

What Can We Conclude?

We cannot make any statement as to if the news is correct or what the Ferrari F1 team is saying. Only the performance will tell the truth. All we know is that Ferrari drivers recorded three wins and nine pole positions with SF90 last year and it was not good enough to thrust to a title challenge that was highly anticipated after a strong 2019 pre-season.

However, the news coming from the pre-season suggests that Ferrari is finally having a strong day. So, once again, fans are counting on the Italian prancing horse to deliver a remarkable performance this year, which we all know is long due.

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