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Keep Your Car Tuned and Serviced to Avoid these Common Auto Maintenance and Performance Issues in San Diego

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Keep Your Car Tuned and Serviced to Avoid these Common Auto Maintenance and Performance Issues in San Diego

San Diego is one of the top five cities in the US, as far as the percentage of luxury car owners in a major city is concerned, which is not an easy feat to boast of. Whether that has anything to do with the city’s low accident rates is not beyond debate, but San Diego car owners do often face frequent performance issues and even breakdowns.

That is to be expected when you own a top of the line model, but fail to give it the attention it requires. In case you have a car that you are particularly fond of, avoid these common car maintenance and performance issues in San Diego, by getting to know about them ahead of time.

Dissatisfaction with the Performance and Handling of Your New Car

When someone invests significantly in a vehicle for personal use, they expect it to perform in the way that they want, or need it to. As every good driver will tell you, a luxury car should feel like an extension of one’s own body if they are to enjoy driving it around. That, sadly, may not always happen if the buyer did not do his/her homework before buying the make and model.

This friction between what the owner wants and how the car handles can be nullified with the right modifications. Just book an appointment with HG Performance, discuss your dissatisfactions with the expert crew there, and get the tune-up your car needs in order to perform better. HG Performance is a premier name in San Diego auto maintenance and performance services, so rest assured that they will tune, modify and service your vehicle until it begins to replicate exactly what you wanted from the beginning.

Lower Mileage On a New Car than Expected

The older a car gets, the less fuel-efficient it will become, irrespective of the make or model, but sometimes they may start losing fuel-efficiency within the first few months, or even sooner. This could be a result of worn out, dirty spark plugs and air-filters, or this might be brought on by a faulty coolant sensor.

As we are discussing the more common reasons for performance issues, low tire pressure is found to be the culprit, far more often than any of the other possible reasons! Underinflated tires lead to lowered mileage, quicker loss of traction on your tires, and a sense of tilt while driving. If properly inflating your tires is not enough to fix the problem, take the car to a brand-authorized service center as soon as possible for a deeper inspection.

Sudden Breakdown Post Modifications

When cars break down soon after a tune-up or a complicated performance boost of some sort, this is as a result of either:

  • The performance upgrades and/or services provided being poor quality


  • Because the car was taken to a different and often inferior service center, instead of the original place where it was modified

Regular maintenance can help car owners avoid common problems, but be sure to always get the necessary services done at the same, renowned place, where you modified your car originally. As they were the ones to add the performance boosts to the vehicle, they will also be the best people to keep the modified car in good shape for years to come. An exception to that rule would be, of course, when the workers at your original car shop had little to no idea of what they were actually doing!

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