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Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 Driver Biography

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Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 Driver Biography

Born on January 7th, 1985, in Stevenage, United Kingdom. Hamilton set himself on the path of F1 when he met McLaren team boss Ron Dennis at an award ceremony in 1995. Lewis Hamilton gained tutelage and encouragement from one of the top Formula One teams, which provided the world with an incredible F1 driver after 13 years.

Respect is difficult to gain in Formula 1, but Hamilton made it because it is Hamilton’s time, and everyone knows that if Hamilton goes down, lights go down. Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 player, has won 6 world titles and is still on the roll.
Lewis Hamilton biography is a mix of strength, loss and accomplishments, and you will know it when you read ahead.

The Start Of Hamilton Career: Kart Racing

Lewis Hamilton started his career in 1993 with his Remote Controlled (RC) cars. At that time, he was only eight years old. In 1995, Hamilton won the British Karting Championship and STP Karting Championship. Till 1996, he kept winning the Champions of the Future series and became Sky TV Kart Masters Champion and Five Nations Champion.
At the meeting with Dennis in 1995, the man wrote an autograph to Hamilton, offering him to join McLaren at the age of 13. At 13, Lewis Hamilton was the first youngest driver who contracted with Formula 1.
He pursued his career in Karting. The substantial years bought a haul of wins. Hamilton won McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future, Industrial Championship, World cup championship in Japan, and many more.

Hamilton Career in Formula Three And GP2

In 2004, he joined Formula 3 of Euroseries rather than a British championship. During this tenure, he won 15 races out of 20 tracks dominating the Euroseries race of 2005.
After his remarkable success in Formula 3, he moved to Gp2. GP2 drew a practical path for Hamilton towards Formula One. GP2 success set Hamilton up for his F1 debut. Young Hamilton displayed a crushing performance, and even a penalty for over speeding did not stop him and graduated to Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton F1 Career Highlights

In 2007, Hamilton took his first F1 ride with McLaren as its second driver. Lewis Hamilton McLaren’s career was the longest.

It was a record-breaking rookie season with a maiden title for Hamilton from 2007 to 2008. He set several records with impressive podium finishes. 2008 was also the year when Hamilton won his first world championship title.

The man also faced hardships and pressing issues as he was accused of arrogance and dangerous driving repeatedly.
The next four years with McLaren were tough for Hamilton due to his personal life issues and run-ins with FIA officials. The champion could not focus and deliver the performance he was known for. But the man vowed to return back in 2012 with a vengeance, and he kept his word. Hamilton won 4 races and finished in the top 5 for the standings.
After an incredible career with McLaren for five years, Hamilton joined Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes F1:

Lewis Hamilton announced his collaboration with Mercedes in 2013 after a long season of struggle with a speculated future.
The move proved beneficial for the star as he won back to back titles and, in 2014, won the second championship title with the most dominant car on the grid. Hamilton won 11 of 19 races for Mercedes in the year.

In 2015, he kept on delivering incredible performance and outstripped his tally of 41 wins and won the championship title of 2015.
In 2016, Lewis lost to teammate Nico Rosberg but made a comeback and won 2017 world title again.

Lewis Hamilton won his fifth championship trophy in 2018, becoming the third driver in history with five championship titles. It was an affair to witness as Vettel and Hamilton were both 4-time world champions and were competing for a fifth title. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes team kept winning and maintaining the title till 2019. Hamilton surpassed the achievement of his hero – the former McLaren driver ‘Ayrton Senna,’ by winning three consecutive championship titles.

Seeing the form of one of the best F1 drivers in history, we can be sure of seeing the man entertaining the world with his incredible driving and winning more titles. Well, the world already knows Hamilton is eyeing to equal Michael Schumacher’s world record, and to be honest, it is not unthinkable seeing the way Lewis Hamilton drives.

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