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Sebastian Vettel Formula 1 Driver Biography

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Sebastian Vettel Formula 1 Driver Biography

Sebastian Vettel is an F1 driver from Germany who was the youngest individual to have won the Formula 1 world driver championship back in 2010 when he was 23. Born on July 3, 1987, he grew up getting inspired by the icon in the racing world, Michael Schumacher, and he had taken up karting in 1995.

Many people applauded him for a great talent he had for driving race cars, which eventually led him to be found by Gerhard Noack, who was the track owner and guider of Schumacher throughout his career.

Sebastian Vettel Racing Journey

Vettel had the fortune to rank second in the first season of junior formula BMW and won the championship awards in 2004, where he won 18 out of 20 games. He then eventually moved to the next flag, the Formula Three Euro Series, and then the World Series prior to making his career debut in 2007 for the Formula One race. He first started off as a test driver for Formula 1 for two seasons.

His reputation grew better and more prominent in the racing world. However, the success in the F1 series was not immediate. In his first 21 races, his positions never went up to third, second or first. He won for the first time in the Italian Grand Prix in 2008, where he became the youngest winner in the F1 race at the young age of 21 years and two months.

Sebastian Vettel won four races and gained the second position in the world driver championship in the Red Bull first season. He succeeded in five races in 2010, which included Brazilian Grand Prix and the last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel F1

Vettel won his first championship in 2010 for Red Bull. The series of his winning did not just stop after his significant achievement in 2010 as the game had just begun for him. He also dominated the 2011 F1 season. Sebastian Vettel won a total of 11 out of the 19 races included in the 2011 season.

Sebastian Vettel’s performance allowed him to get the title again in 2012, as well as in 2013. The following year he once again dominated the F1 field, where he won 10 out of the 16 races that made him get the fourth title.

In 2013, he achieved a record for being the first driver in the history of Formula One racing to have won eight races consecutively in one season. This record was extended further throughout the year as he won nine other races that year.

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull End And Deal With Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull career is laced with triumphs. However, the record he was setting each year in the F1 field finally came to an end when he stood fifth in the race of 2014. Later during that season, Sebastian Vettel declared that he was going to leave the Red Bull Team and will be joining Ferrari by the beginning of the next season.

Vettel won third place in 2015 and stood fourth in 2016, which was a winless season for him. In 2017, he won three of the total six races but overall won the second position that season. Similar results followed in 2018, where he stood as a runner up to Hamilton although he topped the standings several times in close World Championship battles with Mercedes’s Hamilton but completed both seasons as a runner-up.

The year 2019 did not prove blessed for the German racer, but knowing his level of determination and hard work, we are sure to see Vettel win many races in the future.

Sebastian Vettel biography is undoubtedly an inspiration to follow given his struggle and wins. The star holds a number of ‘youngest’ records in F1 along with the record for the most consecutive race wins, third most race victories, podium finishes, and the fourth-most pole positions.

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