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Seven fun things to do in your new performance sports car

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Seven fun things to do in your new performance sports car

So, you just bought the sports car of your dreams. You likely waited months for this moment– possibly even years – but now what?

Sure, you could take a ride around town, but where’s the enjoyment in that? Here are seven fun ideas for getting the most pleasure out of your new performance car.

Go on a road trip

Taking short drives in your new car is fine, but if you want to get a real feeling for how it handles and its true capabilities, nothing beats taking a long road trip. Spending a decent length of time behind the wheel is the best way to get used to all the little quirks and nuances of your new wheels.

Jump on Google Maps or other mapping software apps and plan a trip around local scenic spots or well-known driving roads. Once out on the road, you can even hook up the GPS to your stereo to guide you and keep you on track.

Fit a new sound system

Performance car manufacturers are good at what they do – building performance cars. The same does not necessarily apply to their skills at building sound systems. While your new sports car may be a dream to drive, there’s every likelihood it will have been fitted with a fairly substandard stereo. Consider upgrading the speakers and sound system by taking it to a specialist car audio workshop. Nothing beats driving a great car to great tunes.

Book a track day

If you want to thoroughly test the performance capabilities of your new car, there’s nowhere better than the safe environment of a racetrack. Be sure to check your local track can rent racing helmets as most (understandably) won’t let you drive without one. A visit to a racing complex will test your driving skills to the max while also revealing the true power of your car.

Burn-outs, drifts, doughnuts, and power-slides

Sure, they’ll kill your tires, but it’s almost Rule One of performance car ownership that you have to perform some kind of burnout, doughnut, or slide. Even just hitting the accelerator hard will give you a buzz in your new car. Find a safe, wide-open spot (preferably at the track) and let rip.

Join an owners club or driving club

If you want to meet like-minded drivers and performance car owners, nothing beats joining a driving club. You can join an owners club (consisting of people with the same brand or model of car as you) or, perhaps better, join a driving group like the San Diego Auto Club, filled with people who share the same passion for performance cars, no matter the manufacturer.

Joining an auto club will open you to the pleasures of driving in a group, going to regular track meets, attending race days, and other social events. It’s the most fun way to get the best out of your new car – and meet new people at the same time.

Go to a car meet

Car meets are particularly popular with owners of modded vehicles, but you’ll still find a lot of performance car enthusiasts attend. There is no better place to show off your new wheels, share tips, and talk with other car enthusiasts than at a car meeting. You’ll also make a lot of new friends and expand your social circle.

Find good routes to drive

Search online for local, rated driving routes in your area – you’ll be surprised how many car enthusiasts have already logged their favorite roads. Ideally, you’ll be looking for routes with twists and turns, maybe some hill-climbs – and, of course, great scenery. Don’t forget these are still public roads, so always drive safely and in control. Still, there’s no better feeling than hitting a great route in your new car and opening her up through the bends.

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