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The 5 Best Italian Car Brands

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The 5 Best Italian Car Brands

When you think about Italian cars, your mind will immediately focus on aspects such as speed, design, and above all else, timeless beauty. There’s a reason why Italian vehicles are revered across the planet – they have simply produced the most beautiful motors in history.

The start of the Italian car industry, however, was much more humble than the luxury vehicles it is known for today. Going back to 1884, Enrico Bernardi devised a tricycle vehicle that ran on petrol fuel. This was followed by the first fully-fledged Italian car at the end of the century, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the present, you have a range of famous brands that continually develop high-quality, exquisitely designed vehicles. The following list will detail five of the best Italian car brands in operation today.

1. Fiat

It might not be the first manufacturer you think of when it comes to Italian cars, but there’s no denying the impact and longevity of Fiat. Beginning all the way back in 1899, this brand is the oldest out of the five listed. It also boasts the highest sales figures overall out of Italian brands.

Fiat’s high sales volume is due to its range of affordable and stylish everyday cars. Yet it also produces a range of popular sports cars – like the 124 Spider – that are well-received.

2. Maserati 

With its origins dating back to 1914, Maserati has long been associated with motorsport from the start. Yet along with this motorsport background, the brand is known for developing luxury cars that deliver aesthetic beauty and high-level performance in equal measure.

Thanks to its rich history, Maserati of San Diego has collated several exciting facts about Maserati cars for your viewing pleasure.

3. Lamborghini 

It might be the baby of the group due to starting up in 1963, but Lamborghini has built an impressive legacy in a short space of time.

You know that famous Lamborghini emblem with the bull? Well, this is due to the brand’s association with bullfighting. Not only has it taken the bull’s image for its emblem, but many of its car models are named after bullfighting breeds and famous fighting bulls.

As for the models it generally produces, Lamborghini essentially started the ‘hypercar’ movement – and that is the field it remains in to this day.

4. Alfa Romeo

Founded in 1910, Alfa Romeo is a popular all-rounder in the car manufacturing world. Along with producing saloons, SUVs, and hatchbacks, the brand also pushes the boat out with its sports cars and convertibles.

Aside from its prevalence in the consumer market, Alfa Romeo is also intrinsically linked with motor racing. The brand has more world titles under its belt than any other brand.

5. Ferrari 

What better way to end this list than with the brand that truly symbolizes Italian sports cars. Since its formation in 1939, Ferrari – alongside its motorsports roots – has produced a range of stylish, timeless road cars. Often adorned with the iconic race red paint, Ferrari vehicles regularly top lists for the most beautiful cars ever crafted.

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