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Three Ways to Own Your Slice of Racing History

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Three Ways to Own Your Slice of Racing History

For the millions of motorsport fans across the world, racing greats like Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna, and Michael Schumacher are idols of one of the world’s most glamorous and arresting sports. With races dating back over a century – and a range of ways to watch the world’s most advanced vehicles battling it out on the track – this is an accessible sport that quickly turns armchair supporters into active and obsessive fans. If you count yourself in that number, continue reading to learn three ways in which you can access racing history.

Purchasing a Vehicle

You’d have to be a multi-millionaire to purchase one of Schumacher’s old Ferraris or Senna’s old McLaren – but you can purchase your own slice of vehicular perfection – with an awesome history of motor racing – online or in a local dealer. Even road cars are frequently raced in leagues and meets across the world – so what you’re really looking out for here are those vehicles that are members of the motor-racing aristocracy.

The red of Ferrari might be the most beguiling option for F1 fans, but other European car manufacturers have that same flair, style, and grace. Alfa Romeo of San Diego host some fine examples of Italian chic and racing prestige. At the same time, looking to the UK, there’s Jaguar, Aston Martin, and the timeless Bentley – all of which have their own claim to racing immortality.


Other than the vehicle itself, there’s plenty more that you can buy to have your own slice of racing history within your home. For instance, there’s a wonderful market, at present, for the helmets of your favorite racing greats. As F1 drivers frequently race with a different helmet every race – and even different helmets in qualifying and practice sessions – there are far more to go around, for the fans with the cash to spend on one.

So, whether you’re a fan of Lewis Hamilton and his helmets that nod to his hero Senna, or you’d like to find a helmet belonging to the older greats on the grid-like Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso – you can find them online, at a price.

Getting on Track

Finally, for those who want to experience the full force of some of the world’s most powerful racing vehicles, there can be no better option than getting out on the tracks themselves, in the vehicles you love. It’s surprisingly affordable to get out on an F1 track in a single-seater racer – though you may have to travel to get to the track you love the most on the F1 calendar.

Meanwhile, outside of F1, you can enjoy several different racing experiences – from karting all the way up to rally driving and Nascar – all of which will test your grit on some of the most elegant and memorable tracks in the world. This is an experience to cherish as a racing fan – and one that you’ll remember forever.

Get your own slice of racing history with the three options outlined above – sure to make your heart race and your love of the sport deepen.

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