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Will Fernando Alonso Return to F1?

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Will Fernando Alonso Return to F1?

Fernando Alonso is in the news these days with the question: Is Fernando Alonso coming back to F1? The world champion in the Formula racing for two times, Fernando Alonso is now a McLaren ambassador. However, a statement given by the former world champion about his possible return to F1 has stirred the things, and fans are looking for answers.

Well, we don’t know what future will reveal, but we sure know that if Alonso comes back, it would be either like Michael Schumacher or Nikki Lauda. There are many factors to be considered, and the biggest one is if Alonso’s pace is as good as when he left? Let’s examine the situation a bit for the star and his fans.

The Question Of Pace

Alonso has two F1 world champions in his crown and would want to have the third along with his name in the list of elite drivers. And we all know that in the last years, he was struck with some poorly performing car but still showed applaud able talent and a great pace.

Alonso is considered one of the best drivers who showed an incredible performance to the last race. And this is the test because if he returns and does not have that pace and set of skills, it would be damaging for the remarkable reputation he left with.

Possible Teams To Go With Or Not

The second biggest question is if he comes back, which team it will be. Now, Hamilton is packed with Mercedes, and surely they wouldn’t want to replace the man who won brought them 6 World Championships and is in top shape to win more.

As for Ferrari, the team is heavily backing Leclerc, and we might see the young talent to be the lead driver of the team due to his incredible performance in the recent races with Vettel not satisfying the management.

Though there are rumors that Ferrari is in talks with Hamilton for 2021, and Alonso can end up with the deal if Hamilton-Ferrari deal does not work out or if Ferrari considers Alonso. Moreover, Red Bull is tied down with Verstappen for the predictable future.

The three big names will most likely consider getting a number two to support their main man rather than going for Fernando Alonso. So, as we see, there is no room at the big inns, and it is highly dubious that the former champ would like to return as a second driver, but it’s F1, anything is possible.

However, there is room for a comeback with a midfield team like Renault. Who knows the upcoming 2021 regulations could take these to top, but still, it will be a risk, and risks have never proved to be favoring Ferdinando Alonso as history tells us.

Alonso Return to F1 Can Be Risky For Triple Crown

Fernando Alonso’s last race to win at Indianapolis 500 was unsuccessful; however, the former Formula One champ has secured a ride for this year’s Indy 500. The Spaniard is excited to win the Indianapolis 500 tour and be the second driver after Graham Hill to have the unofficial Triple Crown of Motorsport.

The Indy victory in addition to his wins at Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans will surely make sure that name Alonso goes down in history in golden words.

Though entirely possible, coming back to F1 undeniably makes a win at Indianapolis quite difficult to attain. So, the question is, should the man really endanger winning the Triple Crown just to return to the grid which he doesn’t know will prove fruitful for him or not?

What Can We Predict?

With some considerations, we can say that Fernando Alonso championships in the past do not predict anything about his possible or incredible return in the game.

However, Fernando Alonso F1 return will be great for fans and F1 spectators because Formula 1 is undeniably at its best when it has the most excellent drivers in the world.

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