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Will Mercedes Meet Hamilton’s Demands Or Will Ferrari?

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Will Mercedes Meet Hamilton’s Demands Or Will Ferrari?

Formula 1 2020 season is about to start next month, but it won’t be like any other season. With each passing race, the question will arise “Will Ace of Mercedes be leaving after this season”?

Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed a solid partnership with Mercedes ever since he joined them back in 2013, and why won’t he. The man has won five world titles with this team making him one of the most successful racers of all time, and the way it’s going there is a high possibility that the power team will win again in this season too.

But the news in the town is that this can be Hamilton’s last season with Mercedes, why? Well, we tell you why. As per the January reports, Hamilton was about to sign a two-year deal with Mercedes, but everything changed when Max Verstappen signed a long term deal with the Red Bull team, and now Hamilton has upped his demands asking for a four-year deal plus a 55 million Euros per season.

Now, as per some experts, no one will go for that much price, not even Mercedes, but Ferrari could. Before we try to reach a possible conclusion of this Ferrari, Hamilton, and Mercedes drama, there are some questions that need to be answered first.

Is Ferrari Considering Lewis Hamilton?

Well, they should, and why not? There’s no doubt Sebastian Vettel is trying very hard to win a championship for Ferrari, but the previous year has been nothing but lackluster. Now, the new regulations are going to be introduced in the year 2021, and with Hamilton on the team, there will be a good chance for Ferrari to turn things around.

Plus, as per reports, Hamilton has met Ferrari Chairman John Elkann twice, and we know what they could have talked about besides the good weather.

Is Mercedes Going To Be Okay With Hamilton Leaving? If It Happens!

Of course not! They will definitely try to make things work with their star driver. In Mercedes’s Chief Toto Wolff’s own words, he gives it a 75% chance that the Brit will stick to the same team. But the man also recognized that this is a free world, and everyone is entitled to decide what is best for their future.

The chief also added that Mercedes has the best car in the world at the moment, and as long as they have it, they can always decide who they put behind the wheels.

What Will Hamilton Do?

As we see it, it can be quite a dilemma for the Brit genius. With Mercedes, Lewis has won most of the titles of his career, and this is the team he’s been very comfortable and open with. Right now, Mercedes has the best, and by far the fastest car on the circuit, and this could mean more world titles for him as he can equal or possibly cross all-time great Michael Schumacher’s seven world titles making him the most successful Formula 1 racer of all time.

But no one can deny that a chance to drive a Ferrari is somewhat irresistible for most of the drivers, we have seen the likes of Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel all succumb to the beauty of Italian Prancing Horse.

It’s true that right now, Ferrari doesn’t have the quickest car on the circuit, but with new regulations coming up next year, there is a good chance that they can come up with a better car and try to compete with Mercedes. And of course, if Hamilton does decide to join Ferrari, there will be a lot he can do for his new team.

Is Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes is a difficult question to answer right now. However, after considering all the things, we can say there is a good chance that Hamilton will consider Ferrari if they decide to meet his demands. And to be honest, Hamilton is the most successful racer of the last decade, which puts him in a position to ask for more, and there is nothing wrong with it.

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