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Will Vettel Move To Another Team, 2021?

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Will Vettel Move To Another Team, 2021?

Born to be a champion, Sebastian Vettel has won four impressive F1 world championships. The F1’s poster boy managed to convince the people since his debut that he has a spark. Later it became evident as the race-winning Ferrari driver won back to back world titles between 2010 and 2013.

However, the time is changing for the F1 driver as the past few seasons have not been very good for him, especially the last year. And the news in the town is that Vettel maybe switching the team after his contract ends with Ferrari in 2020. It is quite a difficult question to answer for now. It’s too early for guessing the decision.

Well, it can be true as many reasons are pointing towards the possibility and we are discussing all of them here for you.

Ferrari Heavily Backing Leclerc

Now dig little deeper into the analysis of the experts, Ferrari is promoting Vettel’s junior Charles Leclerc.  Ferrari has favoured Leclerc beyond that what was expected by extending his contract till 2024. This undoubtedly reflects the level of the trust Ferrari is putting in the young racer, and why not, Leclerc is currently rocking the seasons.

The new 2021 F1 regulations will always play a crucial role. The change in the car designs is expected to be a leading contributing factor which will affect the grouping for the upcoming seasons.

Vettel 2019 Performance And Possible Ferrari-Hamilton Deal

Since the start of 2019, it seemed that it wasn’t a fortunate year for Sebastian Vettel and for Ferrari too. He failed to show the great performance people expected. According to Vettel, he admitted that “we did not have the year we were expecting” when he finished the race being at the fifth place.

Adding to it he stated that, there were many contributing factors leading to this final picture, but I have to look at my own and if I am honest, I know I certainly need improvement“.

The way the 2019 Formula 1 season ended, it has intrigued all the fans to think again how the 2021 teams will be matched, as Ferrari is favouring the young Leclerc more and possible Hamilton-Ferrari deal is already in the process. The situation leaves will prompting question “will Vettel join another team in 2021?”

What Team We May See Vettel Driving For In 2021?

After the release of the news that Ferrari is in talks with Hamilton and not interested in extending the deal with Vettel, the German racer has started looking for his prospects. According to some rumours, Vettel may join the former team, red bull, where he managed to win the title for straight four years. However, in response to the rumours, the red bull boss, Christian Horner clarified that “Vettel is not available for the 2020″ as he is already bound to Ferrari.

However, it has also been revealed that the four-time world champ is in talks with Bright F1 team McLaren for a possible 2021 deal which, according to experts, is highly likely. According to a statement that perplexed the fans, Vettel mentioned that whatever the team Ferrari selects for the next season, it wouldn’t bother him at all as he said that he sees where he will be in the next year.

Will Vettel Will Be Staying with Ferrari?

The statement of Ferrari chief executive Louis Camilleri last year drove assumptions that the Scuderia would be making a move for six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton as his deal with Mercedes will end in 2020.

However, at the reveal of Ferrari 2020 car, Mattia Binotto, the Scuderia Ferrari boss has clarified that Sebastian Vettel is the team’s “first choice” to fill the seat beside Charles Leclerc for 2021.

What Can We Conclude So Far?

Well, the facts and statements are clear, but still, it’s too early to guess what Vettel’s next move will be. Will Vettel take the gamble of other teams, or will he continue with the Ferrari. If he stays, he will have to try to find the optimal balance to be a match for Leclerc.

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